Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri) is an interesting fir tree, due to its compact form attractive and needle retentive abilities, Fraser Fir is as a result become popular as a Christmas tree. Somehat similar Balsam Fir, is a native to North America, this was introduced in Britain in the 18th century by John Fraser and is often planted in large gardens and forest policy. Expect a final height of about 20m (67ft), so somewhat shorter than other members of the Fir family.

Woodland Design Principles – The creation of a Pinetum or Conifer Collection

Typically, Fraser Fir planted as an individual tree or as an avenue of trees. Property and policy Woodland plantings from the 18th century often found this tree planted along with other North American softwood species. Today, 150 years later, these trees form a magnificent sight, and we believe that this tree worthy planting to achieve the same effect for future generations.

Rabbit and Deer Protection

We offer a variety of wooden shelters that will protect your trees from possible attacks.