If you are looking to buy Nordmann Fir for a Christmas tree plantation, then you will be pleased to know that the seeds used to grow them have been selected from trees that have a good shape to them already with the theory being that the new trees will also carry a good shape too.

Unlike our other fir trees, Nordmann Fir or Caucasian Fir (Abies nordmanniana) is native to North East Turkey and the Caucasian Mountain area.  A frequently planted tree, it is perhaps most well-known as a Christmas tree.  Popular as it has an attractive, compact form and as far as a Christmas tree, excellent needle retention abilities.  It however makes a fine ornamental  tree with tiered branches that gracefully tiered barnch whorls coupled with shiny green leaves.  Expect a final height of 42m (140ft).

Expect Nordmann fir to be ready for harvesting at around 7-8 years as they will be around 6ft tall by then. Picea Abies is earlier at around 5 years but they shed their needles like it is going out of fashion.

Best to plant in an area 1 metre square that has the weeds or other growth removed or kept down with a strimmer, paying particular attention not to chop the sapling in half of course.

Our Nordmann Fir shares characteristics with some gypsies in that it doesn’t really care what soil it sits on.